The Interview // Garance Doré

I really liked this interview from The Edit Magazine. I'm a great fan of Garance Doré, and I always like to read and discover things about her and her style. Read the rest of the article below.

Sunday Afternoon with the Boyfriend

Last Sunday I went with my boyfriend to Parque das Nações. We needed some fun time, just the two of us. It was an amazing day, the weather was very nice and we had a very nice time. We went on a Telecabine ride, it was my first time there and I enjoyed it very much. All the pictures were taken by my boyfriend with my camera, and I must say that he has aptness for it, won't you say ?

Enjoy some more pictures below.

In and Out

image from tumblr

For the past 2 months I have been trying to create a better wardrobe for myself. I have been getting rid of some things that I no longer needed and some other things I have been replacing with better ones, for example, I had 3 pairs of almost equal ankle boots (2 pairs from Primark and 1 pair from Black) and I never felt like they were the right ones. So I found a more expensive and better quality ones and replaced the 3 pairs for only one that I truly deeply love. Below is a little list of some things I gos rid of and the ones that I acquire.



X-Burgers at Honorato

I have been at Honorato 3 times now, and I must say that it is an amazing place to eat a homemade burger and catch up with your friends. The place has an amazing vibe, and it almost feels like home. The food is delicious, the people are incredibly nice, the decoration is very cool and best of all.. It's all made with love and kindness. I'm not a huge burger lover, just because I'm very picky with my food, so when I go to Honorato I always order a X-Salada that has tomato, lettuce and cheese, but I always order mine without the cheese.

Besides having lunch or dinner, you can also just stop by for some drinks, that's what I did on my first to me there. It's a great way so spent that few hours after dinner.